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We all want to give fabulous gifts.

Those gifts where the recipient is blown away by your style, creativity and superior talents in the gift giving genre.

You see, we all start off with great intentions – the flicker of an idea in August that re-emerges a week before Christmas with no recollection of the exact website you saw it on. Or a retailer whose time frame can only accommodate a January delivery.

Epic fail on both counts.

But, rest assured, there is hope.

We are only in early December so there is still time to attack that gift list with gusto, with no geographic restrictions, and plenty of time for pre Christmas deliveries.

I’ve managed to locate 15 fabulous gifts, all under $30*  (many waaay less) without leaving my laptop. Oh, and did I mention all my finds are sourced from ONE store  – anthropologie.com !

Yep, a modern day Christmas miracle.

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Limited edition monogrammed mugs/Vika Sky Serving Tongs/Aurum Desk Clip/Gilded Cornet Bottle Opener/Gold Wreath Studs

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 Baking Cookbook/Calligrapher Canape Plates/Soap Dishes/Foot Cream

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Calligrapher Plate/Leather Pencil Case/Cities Calendar/Dr Seuss French Book/Monogrammed Cocktail      Napkins

* $30 is US30

Images sourced from anthropologie.com

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