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With every new year comes earnest promises of improved diet and lifestyle choices, of ambitious savings goals, and a commitment to make your life waaaay better than last year.

As we hit the mid way point of the first month of 2015 I’ve decided to make a change, buck the trend, or take the path less travelled if you will.

My resolution is to have no resolutions.

Yep, no promises of showing Gwyneth like commitment to organic foods or reading more books. No attempting to guilt myself into missing trashy tv in favor of a run (well, actually in my case more a fast walk) or going for a splash more color when selecting homewares/clothing/shoes. And definitely no intention to deprive myself of a decadent hot chocolate or three.

None of it.

Strangely, taking this pressure off myself has actually meant I HAVE improved my diet a little bit. I’m even exercising every few days and have already managed to save some cash for an overseas trip planned for mid year. I’m also watching less tv and have upped my vitamins.

So in the spirit of positivity, and as a form of a cyber pat on my own back, I am sharing some of my favorite lifestyle images and inspirational shots to kick of the new year.


Find image sources via The Global Shopper Pinterest page.

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