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Sure you love your kids.

Those cherubic cheeks, that adorable grin, the way they snuggle up to their favorite soft toy


But when those toys start to accumulate ? Not so much.

Weird faces, clashing colors, and an animal species that is almost impossible to determine.

Luckily I’ve found the perfect compromise – beautifully handcrafted stuffed animals from the Walnut Animal Society.

Founded by crafter Lauren Bradshaw, all Walnut Animal Society animals are patiently handmade in the USA meaning that no two members are exactly the same.


Current cast members include Henry the Fox, Chester the Racoon, Eleanor the Bear and             Magnolia the Bunny.

Each creature comes complete with a wonderfully whimsical outfit – think capes, cardies and tweed bowties.

So head on over to the site and banish those techno toned teddies to the bottom of the toy box.

Images via Walnut Animal Society


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