24 | 07 | 14


Been a bit quiet here at The Global Shopper HQ.

No, I haven’t given birth, adopted a new kitten or renovated my home.

Nope, I’ve been working on an exciting new venture – The Giant Art Project !


Under the leadership of the uber talented Cameron Comer, a leading Melbourne interior designer, we at The Giant Art Project subscribe to the philosophy that when it comes to most things in life – pay packets, diamond rings, and dirty martinis – bigger is better.

In our view, art is no different.

The Giant Art Project showcases a collection of  large scale designer artworks for your home, office, or commercial space.

As a sneak peek, here are a few rough ‘behind the scenes’ snaps I took at a recent photo shoot.


The pieces will be available stretched, unstretched and shadowbox framed.

The site is live on August 15 !







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