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Old school meets new school

Images source - candyshopvintage.com (left) and thedeanhotel.com (right(

Images source – candyshopvintage.com (left) and thedeanhotel.com (right(

Most US cities are filled with oversized, big name hotel chains, with their familiar logos and all you can eat breakfasts.

Providence in Rhode Island is no exception.

Dig a little deeper though and you will discover a gem – The Dean Hotel, a charming 52 room boutique hotel situated in the heart of downtown Providence.

Featuring an eclectic mix of custom furnishings and local finds, the Hotel is the brainchild of ASH NYC, a Brooklyn based design and development company.

The building also has an interesting history – until 2012 it operated as a strip club and brothel.

Forget cookie cutter room configurations, each room at The Dean is different, achieving the perfect blend of understated chic and crafty comfort.

Consistency comes in the form of the building’s hardwood flooring and perfectly fluffed white duvets.

Image source - thedeanlhotel.com

Image source – thedeanlhotel.com

Rooms range from ‘The Kin’, sleeping two in a single bunk to ‘The Heights’ which features 4 connected guest rooms, two with king suites and two queen rooms on the top floor of the Hotel.

Artisan coffee makers Bolt Coffee provide caffeine fuelled relief on the ground floor whilst The Magdalenae Room features a European Style cocktail lounge.

Image source : deanhotel.com

Image source : deanhotel.com

Much like Providence itself, The Dean provides an unexpectedly chic oasis where you may least expect it.

Rates start as US$109.


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