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Here’s the thing.

We all love the idea of custom furniture.

One of a kind fabric woven to your particular specifications, chair legs carved to a precise angle to maximise your domestic feng shui, and a table stained midway between your European oak buffet and American oak chairs.

Then reality hits and the true detail of your decorating budget becomes clearer than the reasons Cameron Diaz will never win an Oscar.

Enter Nomi, a fab Melbourne based company that allows you to customise your furniture all from the comfort of your laptop.


The brainchild of award winning designer Tomek Nomi, log on to the company’s site, pick your items, and start designing.

With an emphasis on clean lines and unassuming proportions, the range includes stylish yet practical tables, benches, storage items, and chairs.

Customisation options include colour shades, timber finishes, washes, and size.


The pieces are easy to assemble, using a Japanese inspired peg, lock, and wedge joinery system – no Alen key required.


But it get’s better ! Free delivery is available to most Australian metropolitan cities.


All images via nomi.com.au


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