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With every new year comes earnest promises of improved diet and lifestyle choices, of ambitious savings goals, and a commitment to make your life waaaay better than last year.

As we hit the mid way point of the first month of 2015 I’ve decided to make a change, buck the trend, or take the path less travelled if you will.

My resolution is to have no resolutions.

Yep, no promises of showing Gwyneth like commitment to organic foods or reading more books. No attempting to guilt myself into missing trashy tv in favor of a run (well, actually in my case more a fast walk) or going for a splash more color when selecting homewares/clothing/shoes. And definitely no intention to deprive myself of a decadent hot chocolate or three.

None of it.

Strangely, taking this pressure off myself has actually meant I HAVE improved my diet a little bit. I’m even exercising every few days and have already managed to save some cash for an overseas trip planned for mid year. I’m also watching less tv and have upped my vitamins.

So in the spirit of positivity, and as a form of a cyber pat on my own back, I am sharing some of my favorite lifestyle images and inspirational shots to kick of the new year.


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We all want to give fabulous gifts.

Those gifts where the recipient is blown away by your style, creativity and superior talents in the gift giving genre.

You see, we all start off with great intentions – the flicker of an idea in August that re-emerges a week before Christmas with no recollection of the exact website you saw it on. Or a retailer whose time frame can only accommodate a January delivery.

Epic fail on both counts.

But, rest assured, there is hope.

We are only in early December so there is still time to attack that gift list with gusto, with no geographic restrictions, and plenty of time for pre Christmas deliveries.

I’ve managed to locate 15 fabulous gifts, all under $30*  (many waaay less) without leaving my laptop. Oh, and did I mention all my finds are sourced from ONE store  – !

Yep, a modern day Christmas miracle.

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Limited edition monogrammed mugs/Vika Sky Serving Tongs/Aurum Desk Clip/Gilded Cornet Bottle Opener/Gold Wreath Studs

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 Baking Cookbook/Calligrapher Canape Plates/Soap Dishes/Foot Cream

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Calligrapher Plate/Leather Pencil Case/Cities Calendar/Dr Seuss French Book/Monogrammed Cocktail      Napkins

* $30 is US30

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I have a confession to make.

There’s something that I, and millions of others around the world, love to do.

Usually alone, preferably late at night and with a soundtrack ranging from Bach to Beyonce.

Like me, you may  even sometimes sneak in viewing a few You Tube videos about it, and keep magazine clippings with tips from the “masters” …

We’re taking about cleaning, right ? Just checking.

Like most modern day women, my life is pretty busy. OK, not running a country or negotiating world peace kind of busy, but pretty chock full of things to do.

One of the few times I can truly switch off is when I clean my apartment. Now, I must hasten to add that my place is not big – one bedroom in fact – but I do have quite a bit of stuff and am very particular about how is cleaned.

My books, for example, need to be gently  taken off the bookshelves and placed on the carpet while I dry dust and then wipe the said shelves.

Equally important in these “shelf sessions” is that the books must be placed back in the exact same order in which they are removed. No exceptions. Oh, and did I mention my book collections are colour coded and that I have more than 300 books.

You get the idea.

It should come as no surprise that, much like in the fashion world,  the right accessories are an integral part of my cleaning regime.

Below are a selection of some of my favourite cleaning products from some of the best in the     business. Not only do they actually work, they look fabulous whilst doing it.



To finish up, here are 7 of my all time best cleaning tips sourced via everyone from Martha       Stewart to my Year 10 maths teacher.

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Use a lint roller to clean out the bottom of your handbag. Also works a treat to clean bedheads and lampshades.


Place a sheet of baking paper on top of the fridge or kitchen cupboards to collect dust. Switch out every month.


Use  a make up brush to clean your computer keyboard.


Remove the last remnants of wax from your favourite glass votive candle (without damming the glass by trying to pick it out – you know you’ve tried ir) by placing it in the freezer for an hour or two. All wax should then just slide out.


Sharpen scissors but cutting a piece of sandpaper


Keep all your hair pins in one place by storing them in an empty tic tac container.


Use Johnsons Baby Oil to polish chrome bathroom taps. 

Happy cleaning !

Image sources – Wooden clothes drying rack/Utility Black Dustpan/Ergonomic Scrubbing Brush/Dish Detergent and Bleach Alternative/Dish Brush Set/Lambswool Duster/Standing Dustpan and brush/Bathroom Glass Polish/Bathroom Cleaner/Wire Bottle Brushes/Tea Towel set

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Been a bit quiet here at The Global Shopper HQ.

No, I haven’t given birth, adopted a new kitten or renovated my home.

Nope, I’ve been working on an exciting new venture – The Giant Art Project !


Under the leadership of the uber talented Cameron Comer, a leading Melbourne interior designer, we at The Giant Art Project subscribe to the philosophy that when it comes to most things in life – pay packets, diamond rings, and dirty martinis – bigger is better.

In our view, art is no different.

The Giant Art Project showcases a collection of  large scale designer artworks for your home, office, or commercial space.

As a sneak peek, here are a few rough ‘behind the scenes’ snaps I took at a recent photo shoot.


The pieces will be available stretched, unstretched and shadowbox framed.

The site is live on August 15 !






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Here’s the thing.

We all love the idea of custom furniture.

One of a kind fabric woven to your particular specifications, chair legs carved to a precise angle to maximise your domestic feng shui, and a table stained midway between your European oak buffet and American oak chairs.

Then reality hits and the true detail of your decorating budget becomes clearer than the reasons Cameron Diaz will never win an Oscar.

Enter Nomi, a fab Melbourne based company that allows you to customise your furniture all from the comfort of your laptop.


The brainchild of award winning designer Tomek Nomi, log on to the company’s site, pick your items, and start designing.

With an emphasis on clean lines and unassuming proportions, the range includes stylish yet practical tables, benches, storage items, and chairs.

Customisation options include colour shades, timber finishes, washes, and size.


The pieces are easy to assemble, using a Japanese inspired peg, lock, and wedge joinery system – no Alen key required.


But it get’s better ! Free delivery is available to most Australian metropolitan cities.

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